Latin America project

While things get tough due to this pandemic moment, The situation in a lot of Latin America country's was very hard even before this Covid time. For this reason, we want to give the opportunity to all Latin America Artists to find themselves with the big opportunity to find a solution to the economic situation. By buying art or NFT pieces of art, you are actually contributing and impacting for a better life to different artists in Latin America.

At this moment we have different partnerships in Latin America,
One of the partnerships is with The Experimental Faculty of Art in Maracaibo in Venezuela,. Real people preparing to be the better artists they can be, and fighting against hard times to make a living, and yet so compromised with their art, letting all their emotions inspire them to bring the originality and the talent out.
We are launching soon a special collection of art from students of this school soon.
At this moment already a percentage from art what we sell goes to this school.